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You are in the right place to find out all about S. Michelle Blackwell (SMB or @MsB3000 or MsBlackwell, if you feel like being social) is a creative individual with an entrepreneurial spirit. She has been involved with both business creation (especially for women and people of color) as well as the arts since she was a young woman and started her first business when she was still in her teens.

Check out some of her work below...

MsBlackwell Credits
Bio here

The Performer...

Acting reels & resumes

Reality Appearances
Conversations of a Black Life Misunderstood (podcast) - 2021 
Law And Motion(audio series) - 2021
Reality Divas  (talk/blog/series)  - 2019
DreamCampLA: Hollywood Bootcamp   (HB: Chasing the Fame) - 2016
Unfamous: Life Independent  (pilot presentation) - 2015
Botched  (E! Network - full premiere episode 101) - 2014
Going Wild  (NatGeoWild - episode 3) - 2014
The Ricki Lake Show  (Fox - episode 50-something) - 2013
The Jeff Probst Show   (CBS - ambush guest/episode 12) - 2013
How Do I Look (E! Network - series 1/episode 2) - 2010
Majority Rules  (NBC - only episode) - 1995
Studs  (Fox - one of those episodes) - 1994

Hosting Experience (radio/TV/web)
America's Got Issues (podcast - coming 2019)
No Heaven for Savages (live staged prod. - 2019)
60 Seconds of Sports  (sports radio/web  - 2013)
TalkSportz  (TV/ Comcast8 - 2005) 
Damn... Another Sports Show?! (Radio station/KCLA - 2003 
5 Minutes of Sports  (Radio station/KCLA - 2002)
Raw Current (TV/Fox Network - 1992)

The Writer...

Non-fiction Titles
The ABC's and 123's to Breaking into Hollywood  
(available now on GFP)
2.  WEBCITY:  Green Apples Guide to Becoming a Self Producing Performer (to be released late 2014)
3.  BOSSLADY CONFIDENTIAL (more info on this book series to come soon)

Fiction Titles
"Purple Haze Confidentials" This story is a trilogy of highly re-imagined urban legends.
5.  "The Journal of Jazmine Jonez: A Sports Confidential"  This story is about an aspiring sports reporter trying to
figure out her life while striving for a career as a professional writer in NYC.   
6.  "Diary of a Writer Gone Madd" (Titles: "Naughty Girls Night Out" & "Beware of the Ghost Writer") This series of slightly
morbid, slightly sexy stories .
7.  "Get Dirty Girl: Confessions of a Confidential Informant" This story is about a woman who is lured into the drug
fueled underworld, first by a notorious drug cartel then the government then by the government, only to find she is merely a "decoy" in
a much bigger game of cops & robbers. This book should be released digital and in paperback as well, through GFP . 

**Check these titles and more at the GFP bookstore **

The Creative Producer & Entrepreneur...

Having written and/or produced several media projects with a few  more  on the way, please click on the show titles below
to see some of my work . See some of my work on projects page...

"BossLady" A series based on the legendary woman alleged to have introduced cocaine to the east coast. (scripted)
"Street Nioze & Rhyme Lordz"  A musical stage production based loosely on the east coast v. west coast rap rivalry. (scripted)
"Hip Hop Horror Flick" A supernatural look at two larger then life music moguls. (scripted)  
"Conversations of a Black Male Misunderstood" A production filled with poetry and true stories of injustice. (stage) 
"Sweet Talk with Dana SweetA punch drunk former female fighter turned late night talk show host . (scripted)  
"Urban Follies" A live music and comedy show similar in vein to an old vaudeville show.  (stage)
"Urban Music & Comedy Fest" A showcase for improv comedy skits and dramatic staged performance and script readings.
"The Many Sides of Shea Reece" A short about  the inner thoughts of a woman muted by a freak injury she sustained during a tour of duty
as a private in the Army. (film)
"DreamCamp LA: Hollywood Bootcamp - Chasing the Fame" (listed above) A series will focus on up and coming artists going
through my a rigorous and demanding performance bootcamp in Hollywood, CA.  (reality/documentary)
"Chop-It Up" A mix talk with food, which should make for a very interesting experience for our viewers. We plan to feature celebs and other
public figures on each episode. (variety)
"Being Boss" A show (based on the soon to be released book by the same title) will focus on aspiring entrepreneurs and the trials,
tribulations -- highs and lows -- successes and failures, they may face as they strive to turn their dream of owning their
own business and any expertise they may have into a real business.
"The Conversation" A show is looking for ordinary people with extraordinary opinions on the world they live in. It plans to bring together
people from all across town to sit down and discuss the serious, the funny and the heart wrenching issues that are affecting the people in our nation today. 

Information on the social networking apps I have plans to launch with a group of my partners will be released soon in a press
release real soon. Check back for a link to that release. You can visit my production company website (BDP Entertainment Group)
for updates on this and other multimedia projects. 

Network & New Media
The WebChannel.Network (or our digital download store at WCNetTv - returning soon) a digital content hub (audio/video, books,
etc.) is currently working on launching, in HD.  WebChannel Network will stream digital content. While I'm no Oprah Winfrey, I try
to keep my nose to the grind and my finger on the pulse of what the future of TV/radio/literary arenas will bring and try to keep
WCN in the mix. Also planning to re-launch the web station KZLB-Radio and the PodcastBeast NetworkCheck back for updates.

Business Partners & Affiliates
BDP Entertainment Group(,
BlackwellTH Company (BlackwellTH.Company
Black Sundry Distribution
Black Stock Xchange

One last personal note...
I have been in the entertainment bizness for a very long time and I've been collecting & chronicling what's I've seen, heard and personally experienced, which I am bringing to the Hollywood Performance Academy (HPA). So if you want to take your acting and performance career to the next level or you want to create & produce your project(s) and even if you are a business performer who is ready to start your production company, talent agency, record label or if you're ready to turn that side hustle biz of yours into your main gig, we have a program just for you at the HPA. 

And that's a wrap but when there are more projects and/or updates I will post them here. See more of my work and projects on the 
project page.  Please check back real soon.

Thanks a million for visiting!  

Please stay healthy and blessed --Awkward Red Head (S. Michelle Blackwell)